Ko-fi "name your price" commissions

I have not been open to accepting regular commissions with fixed prices yet so I opened this up as a loose side thing, meaning there won't be any revisions like editing linework or major changes after I finish a piece.You donate whatever you're able to and however much you pay determines how I much draw/color etc. so please don't expect fully rendered/bodied/finished pieces under 40$ or so
it also depends on the complexity of your character, but this is what I'll usually go by:

  • 15~$ doodle/sketch

  • 27~$ lined, half body, flat color

  • 37~$ ^ minimal shading OR icon with flat shading

  • 47~$ full-body, flat color OR half with flat shading

  • 57~$ ^ more rendered shading

  • additional characters are the same price

Generally the more you donate the more detail I'll try to put into it
pls keep your description brief and avoid asking for actual backgrounds lol also I'm not accepting refsheet commissions at the time *sobs
I upload majority of my commissions, if you wish to stay anonymous or prefer not to have it uploaded at all, let me know! You're free to upload the commissions yourself as well.
DM me for further details or questions